Master Andre DaSilva – 6th Dan Siljun Dobup:

“It comes to a point in our lives that we seek to achieve enlightenment through focus, concentration, meditation and perfection when practicing martial arts. I was 8 years old when I started practicing martial arts. At first, practicing Brazilian Jujitsu with a great Brazilian master and Jujitsu champion who helped me build the foundation for all martial arts. Once I reached black belt levels, I transitioned to expand my knowledge and expertise in martial arts moving to a new dojo to practice  Capoeira (Master Camisa) and Karate (Masters Uriu and Pestana), where I had the opportunity to meet many great Japanese and Korean masters, which during the 70’s left Asia and immigrated to Brazil.

Through time, I had the opportunity to learn and practice with great masters with a variety of styles and skills in Tae Kwan Do, Aikido and Boxing, but I never considered following the ranks, and only practicing and analyzing the forms, and the dimensions of those martial arts in combat practices until I achieved black belt in Karate.

Years later, I met a great Chinese master Dr. Wu Chao-Hsiang and was exposed to incredible styles and techniques, which would be very hard to explain, and probably only heard through tails, which unfortunately now are lost and perhaps forgotten. This experience changed me, and I had the opportunity to learn acupuncture and Chinese martial arts. During that time, I also started learning Kendo and Seitei Iaido, but dedicated most of my time to practice Kung Fu – Shao Lin North (external), Shien-Yi (internal/External), Tai-Chi-Chuan Chen and Yang styles (Internal) and Chinese sword. I continued for many years until I graduated and became an instructor. However, I decided to focus only on internal martial arts, acupuncture and meditation.

Time went by and I became a Tai-Chi-Chuan Master, however, my love for Japanese swords never ended, and I continued to practice Kendo and Iaido. But life is quite unpredictable, and takes us into so many different paths and outcomes. After leaving Brazil, I came to meet a great Korean master (Grand Master Seong) who gave me the opportunity to find what I once lost and help me expand my horizon to an incredible style.

Practicing Siljun Dobup (Jee, Soo, Poong, Hwa, and Chun) is a progression to improve oneself and advance in spirit.”