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Siljun Dobup is the practice of using the sword, aiming to strike a balance between theory and practice. Siljun Dobup teaches etiquette, tradition, breathing, drawing, sheathing, and cutting.

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Siljun Dobup

The main goal of Siljun Dobup is “controlling the mind” through “controlling the body”.

In Siljun Dobup, constant practice of sword enables one to take control of his/her body, and experience how the mind changes to follow the body.
Thus, we firmly believe that by practicing Siljun Dobup, we all can truly become the master of our mind, body and eventually, our destiny.
As we become intrigued and interested in real sword training we question how can we start real sword training?

When practicing Siljun Dobup, you will experience the first stage which will allow you to relax, increase physical fitness and learn to coordinate your steps, mind and body movements. Your progression through the five stages of Siljun Dobup will be natural as you evolve and achieve desired sword training.